St.Anime (stanime) wrote,

09.04.08 Popeye

Shocking at times, gently healing at times.
Rising of sexual feeling but also stoical at times.
Such opposing images, Akanishi Jin has it all.
So today's theme is [WILD AT HEART]!!

Rather than bathing in the past, face the future and walk towards it. Without changes and being yourself.

On TV or in magazines, Akanishi Jin is always a cool and ennui young man. Is the mature image really himself? Watching him in filming and interviews, the pure and straight person seems to be the real him.

"The filming of movie [BANDAGE] is really exciting. The music is different from the music being a member of KAT-TUN, I act as the vocal of a 4 member group. Since the situation is always different, it's a fresh feeling and I enjoyed it. Also the staff. Iwai Shunji-san is without a doubt, the music writer Kobayashi Takeshi-san had been the producer of Mr.Children that I've always listened to since a long time ago, this time when we worked together, I was truly shocked with how talented the lyrics and music are."

Being in concerts and TV programs, Akanishi Jin's future dream is being an actor. Getting out of [BANDAGE], he focuses his destination on Hollywood.

"I love watching Hollywood movies, so I naturally wants to be a part of it, and setting a certain destination for myself, but it doesn't mean that I'll do different things to achieve it. Not changing from how I've worked, I don't know if I've grown up or not either. Though I definitely want to go to Hollywood. Being myself and work hard. It's not for learning but I do watch a lot of the movies. Though I wouldn't go to the theatre by myself, only for dates."

No covering, no lies, no confusion, having a dream pushes him not to walk the long path. Cool in appearance, inside that strong cover, a straight and pure heart is hidden within.

Tags: Jin♡, bandage, magazines, pics, translations
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