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09.11.02 BANDAGE Premiere Introduction Report

Introduction hosted by NTV's Suzuki Takashi (aka Ralph from NEWS ZERO).
Fans started kya-ing when Ralph walked out
Ralph: I'm not Akanishi-kun~
After some introduction of the movie, cast walked out

Order was..
Iwai Shunji, Itou Ayumi, Anne, Kora Kengo, Kitano Kie, Akanishi Jin, Shibamoto Yuki, Kaneko Nobuaki, Kasahara Hideyuki and Kobayashi Takeshi

Jin wore a black hat, black long jacket, white V-necked T-shirt, black pants and black boots.

Ralph: First of all, a word from each person
Jin: Akanishi Jin desu. Thank you for bringing your feets and coming during your busy days. Please look forward and enjoy~

Ralph: (to Kobayashi-san) About how you think of Akanishi-kun
Kobayashi: About the main actor, after considering a bunch of things, although I picked Akanishi...but it was way better than how I imagined it would be. He's a person willing to react to fun things and was easy to hang around with. Natsu was a perfect role and the reactions were great
Jin: [was chuckling with Nobuaki and Osyama] Thank you *bows*

Ralph: (to Jin) Finally it's here, how do you feel?
Jin: Right...for me, I'm kinda tired from the wait *laugh*
Ralph: What did you think of the finishing film BANDAGE?
Jin: The world outlook of the movie was great, I felt like I'm in love with this world outlook
Ralph: It was your first main actor role right? How was filming?
Jin: It felt like it was at home, we were great friends...there were no pressure at all

Ralph: (to Kii-chan) About acting with Akanishi-kun
Jin: *whispering to Kii*
Kii: ...he was really straight forward..
Ralph: You're kinda cheating here *laugh* Please say how you feel
Kii: He was really straight forward. Like a mood-maker
Ralph: Talking about Akanishi-kun, do you see that cool image?
Kii: First it was hard to communicate, so I thought he wouldn't talk much, but after seeing him go "yay~" at filming, I thought "it's alright"
Jin: *wants to say something*
Ralph: How does Akanishi-san feel?
Jin: I'm satisfied

Shibamoto: About keyboards, I was asking Kobayashi-san...
Kobayashi: *moving around*
Ralph: Kobayashi-san? Just a bit longer
Jin: LOL

Kobayashi: Within the cast, (Shibamoto's) the best student
Jin: Thank you!

Ralph: (to Itou-san) About acting with Akanishi-kun
Itou: Within the movie, I was kinda scolding and controlling them, but I couldn't control Akanishi-san anymore in the end
Jin: Eh?!
Itou: Ah, I was talking about the film characters
Jin: scared me
Itou: I thought he was very cool, actually he's also quite careful. He would notice things others don't, and is a really gentle person
Ralph: (to Jin) How do you think about Itou-san's comment?
Jin: Like what she said.

Since these previews only holds 600 people..
Ralph: Please say something to these who drew themselves 300x the polling rate
Others: *whispering* 3 hundred thousand?
Jin: 3 hundred thousand! After my calculation there were 3 hundred thousand people!!

Last comment before the film
Jin: From kids to adults, it's an enjoyable film with unique world outlook that will drag you into this atmosphere


credit Tako-san
Tags: Jin♡, actors, bandage, movie

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