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10.04.02 You&Jin pamphlet

○About the meaning of the live

This time, I thought the keyword of this live should be "World Peace".

The wars between countries, the hatred between races, to me is something not worthwhile, yet seems hard to erase. About different ethnics, although I was lucky enough not to experience such things when I went to LA, it seems that the different ethnic groups around me, experienced at least some problems.

What I can do is insignificant, but if I can at least get people to face the problem a bit more, or give them an interest in the topic would be something to me.

Or at least letting people know, "This is what I think personally" would be enough.

Also, the favourite music beats of mine, is something I'd like to share with everyone.

The song "WONDER" that I collaborated with Crystal (Kay) on the previous KAT-TUN's national tour was one of them.

Comparing to the songs I've composed before, this is a solo that I had all my feelings within, I was really glad to get great responses and comments from it. And this time, it really gave me a push on my back in terms of the solo live.

True, a lot of people seem to think of "WONDER" representing a love song between a guy and a girl, but in reality, it also contains the message of "World Peace", a "LOVE" song in the board sense.

○About performing solo

I've always had the interest in solo events, and thought of trying it one day.

However, the timing was always not right. Because of that, being able to carry it out this time, I'm simply happy for it. But in terms of timing, writing songs and the numerous preparations towards the live was overlapping with the time period for promotions of the movie [BANDAGE] so it was really tight on schedule! Recently whenever I talk about the live, it was always "Yabai! Seriously yabai!" (laugh). What's yabai? Fighting with time.

There are about 8 new songs this time, and within that, 4 songs were composed completely on my own, seemed quite an impressive number, through composing, I again realized that I'm really someone whose keen on details. Using computer softwares to compose the tracks, and considering the lyrics from there.

Leaving the melodies and lyrics to the not what I do, I wanted to edit the arrangements as well.

The songs I gave out, first asking the staff to create the notes, then I add what I'm not pleased with, and ask for more rearranging...repeating that a numerous time. Gradually, I start to get confused of when to leave things just the way they are (laugh). That's what troubles me the most.

For example, one note of an instrument, the tone of bass and how the whole song goes, tempo or the rhythm, it would take an enormous amount of time to completely please myself in making it perfect. Therefore, after the promotions ended, the days continued with myself in the studio until 6am in the morning.

Then another thing that troubles me, the songs I composed this time are all in English. Since it's important to "get across" things in a live, how should I get across how I feel to everyone... At the time of "WONDER", although the Japanese lyrics were shown on the screen, but then they'd have to look at both the screen and the stage, and they probably can't focus themselves in the world of music. feels like...that there's another problem created (laugh).

These details that I'm keen on, are because it's a personal live. Oppositely to KAT-TUN, I usually wouldn't say much about my own thoughts. Since if everyone was keen on their own ideas, it's impossible to carry out a live (laugh).

My own interests and world views wouldn't convince the members anyway. But my own solo live is another thing. If I don't put everything that I have in creating it, there's no meaning to a solo live...that is how I feel.

During the promotions for the movie, although I spent a long time with Kobayashi (Takeshi) san, I really haven't asked for any advice kind of thing about my live. Since Kobayashi-san has such talents and does such great things in his career, the thing he does cannot be imitated by myself just yet. Anyways, I just trusted in my instincts, and try to do it along the way.

Also, although I did in fact tasted the bitterness of trying, since it is a world that I personally enjoys, although I go "Yabe!", I did actually have fun (laugh).

But in saying this, time is definitely a must. If possible, use years as the unit (laugh).

But even if I get time and more time, the details would probably increase in the end, and finally I'd probably go "No time! Yabai!" again like now (laugh).

○About the composition

Although I don't know how this will become on the day of, the composition is almost in shape right now.

This time, not just the music, I thought of challenging things like magic as well.

Kind of surprising right? But, there wouldn't be a special corner set up just for it, I just thought it would be fashionable to include it in the composition.

There's this "If I did this, I'd definitely hit on!" type of magic (laugh). I will start practicing after, just have to complete it before the real thing.

Although I have to perform on the same stage for over a month, due to my personality, it's impossible to repeat the same things over and over again everyday. So even when I say the composition is almost in shape, things will change here and there. Changing different things like this can probably only be done in a solo live.


This time I plan to collab with a bunch of different people. Everyone responded "OK" really fast, and I thank all the people that gathered together! It was like this before with "WONDER" as well, if I wanted to create something worthwhile, I can't sit around and wait for it, I almost have the rush to negotiate directly with the jimusho and record companies (laugh).

At these times, my execution skills and will power is quite something.

This time, one of my collab partners is (Nishikido) Ryo-chan. That guy recently is having the same music tastes like mine. A long time of friendship...we've been together since that guy was really tiny, probably when he was still about 10cm tall (laugh). Being able to collab with a childhood friend makes me really happy.

With a heartfelt friend, liking the same genre of music and sending out a message to the fans...this is a way to show myself outside of KAT-TUN.


The fans are important partners to myself. They are an irreplaceable existance for my continuation of this career. There's this saying of how to "receive power", and I can feel it when I'm performing the live. The power that can't be seen by eyes, what could it be. Receiving such power is what pushed me forward most of the times.

But to fans, I'm definitely not a perfect human being.

There are things I said which might upset the fans, when I'm not having fun I can't force myself to smile, there are a lot of things fans thought "if only he could do this" which I can't follow along to.

More specifically there are requests of "please cut your hair", "don't always wear your hat", I've been hearing alot of these recently, you know, I noticed that. ...but that's the most relaxing style (laugh).

Maa, just joking, before I realized, it got this long, to tell you the truth (laugh).

The only thing I want to get across is that, "Not following what fans wanted = not thinking about fans" is definitely not the case. I can't put it in a better way but, my fans are those that, through my direct messages, will understand this person called Akanishi Jin.

○Akanishi Jin

Like I've said in the [Fan] section, due to my personality, I've always had the comments "I'm not suitable for an idol" on magazines and TV interviews. These comments coming back to myself, I felt my own responsibilities as well...this I know. But, forcing myself and say comments that would make me an honor student, or saying things that's not real is impossible for me.

Also, I'm really misunderstood a lot (laugh).

It's not like I thought of correcting them one by one, and I'm not afraid of being misunderstood...but it still hurts somehow. Although I've especially said "You can write everything, even the edgy comments" in my interviews, when it's printed out and after reading, I often had the "What I meant to say was nothing like this" feeling.

It's not that the reporters purposely twisted what I said, but since I'm really introverted, at times when I spoke very little at interviews, no wonder why I get misunderstood...that is still my own responsibility (laugh). Of course, there are indeed people that could understand me within the short time frame.

But basically, I don't mind how people think of me. My friends around me and my long as there are people that understands me, it's already enough for me.

No wonder this type of people would get misunderstood huh (laugh).

Just now chatting with the staff, if I could return to the time I first entered the Jimusho, would I still have the personality I have now? Or would I aim towards a different personality...anyways, becoming an honor student type would definitely be hard for me (laugh). Imagining a different personality of myself, it probably would be interesting...but that's just imagining, I'd probably still become what I am now after 10 more years (laugh).

Although I'm not so sure about this, someone who knew me from a long ago told me, "The weak personality you have is great, if only you could have shown more of it".

Whether that's praising me or not is still a question (laugh). But recently I've been meeting with alot of people for the first time, like I said before that I'm an introvert, it's more and more difficult to present that part of me now. So people might think I'm "so unfriendly".

Eh? I might suffer? I can't help it, that's how I am (laugh).


Like what I just said, it's hard to get across how I feel within text.

I might leave a bad image as appeared in text, or oppositely not leaving any images at all. So in the live this time, without any distractions, just receive the power coming straight from this individual called Akanishi Jin. ...then again, in saying how the text from interview can't get through is totally contradicting myself (laugh).
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