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10.12.10 America debut decided! Akanishi Jin triumph returning conference - part 1

After finishing the "Yellow Gold Tour 3010" that started in Chicago, America on Nov.7th (Sun), Akanishi returned back to Japan on Dec.9th (Thu). A press conference was held, and Johnny's web was there as well. We will now get through to you about the press con.

Finishing "Yellow Gold Tour 3010" that covered 5 cities of America successfully and returning, before the press con, first the tour video was played.

Akanishi's numerous cool performances, the hiked-up audiences... We got to see how exciting the venue was through the videos.

Also, chatting happily with the staff in America, being relaxed while recording, performing with the dancers during music program, various scenes was also shown.

After 5 minutes of videos, we got to see how fulfilled Akanishi was in America.

Being through the America tour, having high expectations of Akanishi, the press con finally starts!

As the tour title has also been, "Yellow Gold" played in the background, wearing black jacket and wine-red suits with jeans, having formal and casual style, Akanishi showed up at the conference room!

Shaking hands and hugging with Warner Music Group Asia Pacific president, Warner Music Japan's representative chairman and CEO, Lachie Rutherford that got onto the stage before him, "Thank you so much for coming here during your busy schedules", Akanishi nervously greeted first.

Afterwards, haven been to "You&Jin in U.S.A" in June, and successfully benefited from "Yellow Gold Tour 3010", Akanishi commented, "Today, I would like to announce to everyone, that I am now in global contract with Warner Music Group." which was a big announcement to everyone about his future music activities!

"First of all, to the fans and the media, I want to announce the news as soon as possible, and that's why this conference was planned", Akanishi commented on why this press con was held.

"Right now, he is preparing for an English album release, and there will be a single release in spring of 2011, after that will be the album release, as well as an America tour", as announced also by Rutherford!

Finally, America debut has been decided! Having raised many of the international superstars with its worldly leveled music label, the crowd anticipating at such tagging between that of the Warner Music Group.

Akanishi himself said, "I just did what I wanted to do, and somehow it became like this", not hiding any of his amazement.

"Things are happening so quickly... I didn't have time to pause and get wowed by things before they moved on, I still can't believe it now", he said straight-forwardly about his feelings.

Akanishi has already started creating work under Warner Music. "There are a lot of unique people with all different kinds of great ideas", to which motivated him in absorbing these things.

In between "Yellow Gold Tour 3010", he visited the Warner Music's office. "I got introduced to a lot of people, I said, 'Please come and watch my concert' to everyone", to which Akanishi communicated.

"I thought, even just a few would be alright", which Akanishi simply invited, but "from those that I asked, everyone came!", as it seems that everyone was interested and went to watch.

To this, "I was really happy!", Akanishi smiled. Haven met in America, Warner Music Group's vise-chairman Lyor Cohen also said, "I feel very glad in welcoming Jin as a member of the Warner Music family".

"After attending his America concert, I believe not only in his home country Japan, but America, and all over the world will acquire him more fans. I feel very excited in working with such an talented artist like him."

Again, Rutherford who attended also commented, "I heard that Jin has been listening to western music from his parents since he was young. His musical sense and broadness is definitely something advantageous. I believe Jin will challenge on with his great professionalism." to which he strongly commented.

Receiving such immense expectations and messages for tagging, "I'm really grateful, thank you so much", Akanishi smiled and commented, as it adds onto their collaboration on future music activities.

The triumph return conference continues. We will get across the second part next time. Please look forward to the update!
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