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10.12.13 America debut decided! Akanishi Jin triumph returning conference - part 2

This time we'll continue to present you the triumph press conference!

Hearing comments "You seem very happy!" from the journalists, Akanishi didn't try to hide his happiness from the news of America debut. Although, when he first heard this, "Rather than being happy, (I thought,) I had to write more songs! at that time (laugh)" being surprisingly calm from such a surprise.

Finishing the "You&Jin U.S.A" in June, and hearing the news when he was preparing for the tour, "Since I'm holding a tour afterwards, I wrote a number of new songs", which we see him trying his best writing songs.

After returning safely from the America tour, like how we had announced, Akanishi's Japan triumph lives will be in January next year!

Having had the "Fanclub farewell party" in Zepp Tokyo on October, Akanishi has received loads of support from fans, and is able to carry on to the America tour.

Tour in 5 cities of America has been a first challenge, "I've received power from everyone", it seems that the support was what that kept Akanishi going.

To report back to the fans in Japan, the triumph lives. "Although I say this every time, I'm really grateful for all the support from the fans." the supporting ones are really remarkable to Akanishi.

Being able to see everyone again, Akanishi is all prepared! Please look forward to his all powered-up stages!

We also got to see Akanishi chatting with Rutherford happily in English on the press con. Although, it seems that he has been nervous from the beginning. "This condition (having all the journalists) is really making me nervous. Although I've had press cons for numerous times now but still, can't do it", he laughs bitterly.

Especially during the first greet. "The first part...please cut it if you can (laugh)", he said jokingly (laugh). There were scenes like this that got the journalists laughing as well.

Finally we got to talk about the America debut next year. Akanishi is now producing the album. "I want to create as many songs as possible, rather than from a few, I'd like to present from more songs!" Where he is working hard writing songs.

Although, "I've always thought not to separate songs according to the nationality, so I'll keep that going!" which he has not changed his stances.

"Writing a song itself is hard, but I'm having fun writing them", Akanishi smiled. "Like how I preferred, I'll write the songs I want to write!", seeing how Akanishi is "now" ready to create loads of songs, we can all look forward to the single and album releases in the next year.

Within the journalists, please say a message in English! is one of the requests given! "Although I'm in Japan? What should i do~", to which Akanishi smiled shyly.

Though in the end, "Nice to meet you. Now I'm a Japanese singer but I've just started singing in America. I'm trying to reach out into bigger audiences. So when you see my performance, I hope you guys will like it. I'll see you sooner or later", which Akanishi said in English.

"It's surprising even to me, but I've had great fun. It was an awesome experience", Akanishi commented about the America tour.

"Yellow Gold Tour 3010 Akanishi Jin America tour Triumph Live 3011" starts in Japan from Jan.14(Fri) next year. (Please check MEDIA INFO for more info)

Been through the America tour, it is no doubt that the stage will be even more powered-up than before! Also with the America debut being decided, Akanishi's activities will expand as well. Please look forward to the future events from now on!
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